Podcast #10: Top 5 Episodes of “Batman: The Animated Series” Named By Chris and Michael

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To promote their latest pilot screenplay reading of “Batman Jr” on Aug 13th at 7 pm at Improv Olympic (1501 N Kingsbury, Chicago, IL, 60642) Chris and Michael discuss their top 5 favorite episodes of the quintessential Batman cartoon show “Batman: The Animated Series”!

Will your favorites be in the top 5? Will they disagree and then fight to the death? Will Chris have even seen all 5?

Tune in to find out!

1:00 How they broke down the top 5 best Batman The Animated Series Episodes
1:45 Batman The Animated Series is Film Noir
2:30 Michael’s favorite episodes
3:00 Michael’s honorable mentions: Raz Al Gul, Harley, Ivy, “Perchance To Dream”
6:30 Why Chris gets mad when he lucid dreams
7:25 Top 5 Countdown begins with #5 Favorite Episode
9:10 Most attractive female character in Batman Animated Series
10:20 #4 Favorite Episode
11:45 Why this “kids” show is great: It’s not formulaic
13:00 #3 Favorite Episode
15:00 “Home Alone” is one of the few positive movies about a mother/son relationship; there are plenty of negative ones “Psycho”, “Wedding Crashers”, etc
16:43 #2 Favorite Episode
19:00 Honorable Mention: “Trial”
20:30 Chris and Michael ironically fix “The Dark Knight Rises”
23:20 Aside on “Stranger Things”
28:00 #1 Favorite Episode
31:30 Why Batman is the best character in western civilization
32:00 Chris and Michael finish their ironic fixing of “The Dark Knight Rises”
37:30 Come to the reading at Improv Olympic 1501 N Kingsbury, Chicago, IL, 60642
38:00 Our favorite James Bond Jr episodes
39:30 Talking about the next 12 episodes of “Batman Jr”
40:30 Next Podcast previews: “Batman y Robin”!

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