Number 1: “Blade Runner”

Up to this point and after so many great films you’re probably thinking “Really Chris?  “Blade Runner”?  From the 80’s? Oh you’re so deep…”  Well I deserve that sarcastic jab.  But I can’t help loving this film above all other films.  It just connects so deeply with everything that I love; technology, film noir, endless dark neon lit cityscapes, violence, darkness, the future, Japanese/Chinese characters everywhere, an oppressive government, a deeply destroyed and morally bankrupt world where the only value left is legitimate connection be it from man or machine.

SO GOOD!  After seeing this film for the first time I was positively obsessed.  I loved the dark brooding tone of the film.  It was as if the entire world had just given up and decided the only thing left to do was destroy our greatest creations ie synthetic humans.

The visuals in this movie give me eyegasms.  This was a decade before CG would gain prominence and man do I wish it hadn’t.  We’re talking actual sets, real rain, bright neon Japanese symbols, matte painting backgrounds, composite shots, everything!  And it was all real because they actually had to make it!  I love that!

If there is one filmmaker who knows exactly how to take the most beautiful thing I or anyone can think of and create it for us to see it’s Ridley Scott.  Him above all others in this regard at least.

And the concepts, questions, and philosophies this movie forces you to examine.  Ah!  So good.  What does it mean to be human?  If you are created in a lab do you have a soul?  If you feel love, hate, envy, sadness all the colors of the human emotion rainbow does that make you any different if you were genetically modified?  These are not science fiction questions.  These are legitimate questions we will have to answer in the coming decades.  And I couldn’t be happier to get a head start thinking about them thanks to this film.

This film inspired me to begin reading Philip K Dick.  He also wrote the books that “Total Recall”, “Paycheck”, “Minority Report” and basically every great science fiction movie ever has been based upon.  He’s a prolific writer heavily influenced by the drug induced paranoia of the 60’s.  He had a very dark vision for the future that I am absolutely fascinated with.  Every one of his books takes place in the world of “Blade Runner”.

When I ran out of other movies to watch in the vein of “Blade Runner” I was forced to begin reading his entire catalogue.  My favorite so far is “Flow My Tears The Policemen Said” which was not recommended to me I simply randomly chose because I thought the title was insane.   “Blade Runner” was so good it convinced a luddite like myself to pick up a book (#ADD) and read the shit out of it!

I love this movie and will continue to watch it until I have fire and neon Japanese characters burned into my eyeballs.  It has deeply impacted my own work and if you come to my staged reading you’ll see the depth of this impact.

Thanks for reading all of my silly posts and hope you can make it to my reading TODAY!

Love ya!

Chris “Nexus 7” Brodhead

Blade Runner