The Chris Brodhead Show Podcast Episode 2: Academy Awards Discussion With Michael Dennis (Filmmaker/Marketer)

Ep 2 is a conversation between my creative partner Michael Dennis and myself about the latest #Oscar nominations. #AcademyAwards
Will we agree with all of the choices? Not a flipping chance.
Will we regale you with crazy ideas and wild accusations? Only one to way to find out!
Find out more about Michael Dennis at @ImTheMPD or
In this episode we discuss:
Squarespace vs WordPress
The film “Brooklyn”
“Brooklyn” vs “Revenant”
The lack of feels and issues with “Revenant”
Real story of “Revenant”
Whether or not you should invest in a 4K camera right now
Ridley Scott’s film updates versus George Lucas’s
The underrated “Kingdom Of Heaven” by Ridley Scott
Is long form television a superior storytelling medium to film?
What a tragedy it is that Harrison Ford wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor
Michael’s dad calls about the Bengals
Best Picture nominations
Comparing Matt Damon vs Leo
Original Screenplay
Best Original Song
Best Supporting Actor and why isn’t Harrison Ford replacing the guy from Bridge Of Spies?
Best Actress
Best Actor
The things that deeply disturb Chris about football
Why Michael is separating himself from football
Why people have this urge to create
This awesome book Chris is reading called “The Effective Executive”
Ken Burns documentaries
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My Top 30 Films of All Time Countdown

Hey Everybody and welcome to the blog announcing “My Top 30 Films of All Time Countdown”.  You can use #ChrisTop30Films to tell me how brilliant/silly I am via social media.

Each day around noon I’ll be releasing a new film review blog in the countdown from my thirtieth favorite film all the way to my first favorite film.

Is this to celebrate the fact that I’m now thirty and can no longer drink, sleep, have sex, have as much hair, think, or overall act like I did when I was in my twenties? GOD NO! It’s to announce my “PUBLIC SCREENPLAY READING”. Click the link or scroll down for more info 😉

From this countdown you’re gonna get some action films, some romance, some drama, but mostly you’re gonna get ME telling YOU not only why these movies are awesome but how deeply they affected and literally changed the direction of my life.

Quick preview of “#6” Blog to come:

I saw my sixth favorite film of all time “Fight Club” in 1999 when I was fourteen years old. This film said very clearly “Hey! You will NOT be satisfied working in an office and should think long and hard about your many alternatives.” I was fourteen and already like “Man that office salary cubicle life is bull shit!”. And I didn’t even have to work for forty years or have a stroke to realize it. This amazingly slick propaganda film convinced me in vivid ultra violence that when the time came I should explore other possibly non-traditional ways to make a living. And I didn’t even need to start a Fight Club :B

So you’ll not only get my “expert” analysis of the film but also the deep and fun ways it affected my life.

How neat is that??? (crickets)

And if my math is correct the last blog post will come out on exactly the day of my “PUBLIC SCREENPLAY READING” which I am totally stressing and freaking out about.

But in light of my inability to withstand criticism of any weight directed at my chosen art I would love you to come watch the performance read by actual actors (how awesome is that?!)!

The reading is at The Annoyance Theater 851 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL on Sunday Aug 9, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 7 PM. It should be a rollicking good time!

Or if you are lucky enough to live in a place without the worlds weirdest weather (i.e. Chicago) you can tune in to the Periscope live broadcast and watch from the comfort of your own home. #SweatPants!

But either way you can RSVP at the Facebook event here!

We will have free snacks and the Annoyance Theater has a full bar!


So stay tuned cause I’m going to post a new blog errrday until the Big Day that is the Unveiling of my “Master Work” titled “Mum Knows Best.”

It’s a combination of “Blade Runner”, “The Maltese Falcon”, and “Inception.” With tons of other elements from the film noir, sci-fi, action, and comedy genres that I love so much!

But Chris aren’t all three of those movies like basically the same thing? YES, YES THEY ARE!

Well how is your movie going to be any different? I DON’T HAVE A CLUE! But maybe if you come you can tell me and we’ll make it better together! #TeamWork!

Well thanks for reading, I’d love you to come or watch from afar and join me in celebrating the best movies this thirty year old “man” has ever seen.

Love ya!

Chris “Praying This Screenplay Comes Out Remotely Decent” Brodhead

Thoughts On The 2014 Film ‘Whiplash’

What would you give up for greatness?  That is the question brilliantly asked and worked out in the film ‘Whiplash’.  A question I am still going over again and again in my own head.


“Whiplash” is a film about a very talented young drummer, Andrew Neyman, who through a scholarship, is accepted to the best music school in the country.  This program is headed by Terrence Fletcher (JK Simmons) who is the most talented and terrifying Band Teacher ever set on the silver screen.   Terrence physically and emotionally frightens me and Andrew (Miles Teller) should get an oscar nomination simply for enduring his terrifying abuse.


Needless to say this is no ordinary band teacher.  With fiery rage and deeply personal attacks he demands the best possible performance out of every member of his orchestra.  He will not hesitate to berate or even kick you out of the orchestra in front of the entire group if he thinks you’re a hair off his rhythm.  This abuse seems completely without reason at first.


The extremely personal put downs he inflicts upon his proteges while they look at the ground and shake are some of the most inspired scenes in the film.  Even going so far as to befriend them during breaks to illicit sensitive issues to use as extremely personal leverage.


A few scenes get so intense, frightening, and personal I had to remind myself to breath.  Definitely reminds one of Sergeant Hartman beating the last bits of sanity out of Gomer Pile in  ‘Full Metal Jacket’.


The movie is well paced and edited incredibly fast.  I literally don’t give two shits about any orchestra set up, foundation, inspiration, you name it but found myself riveted and fully tuned in to the screen and story.


The true underlying themes are 1.  What does it take to be truly great and memorable?  and 2.  Is it worth it?  In other words: is the path of broken bloodied relationships, extreme isolation, permanent emotional as well as physical damage, and utter despair worth fighting through to become truly great and memorable?


The first thing that comes to my mind is “GOD NO!  Absofuckinglutely not!”  It is NOT worth losing every friend, being beaten into a bloody pulp both physically and emotionally on a daily basis, and carrying on potentially forever until you reach the top of some unknown mountain.  This seems extremely damaging and frankly insane.


I’ve always operated on the thought of being different and finding your niche.  So as to avoid striving to be the best at what everyone else is striving to be the best at.  My feeling is it’s easier and the odds are far more in your favor to take an alternate route to the top of the mountain rather than the main route that’s rife with the most dragons, goblins, and other knights hoping to kill you at every turn.


But perhaps being the absolute best there ever was, a few names come to mind: Jordan, Ali, Schumacher, Gretzky, Lance Armstrong (maybe?), etc is a different mountain entirely.  Perhaps this is the goal that pushes the limits of humanity past their breaking point to new levels of greatness and achievement.


So is it worth it?  Is it worth giving up everything to be the greatest?


My inspired gut says yes but my rational mind says FUCK NO!


What do you think?