PODCAST Episode 1 – Interview with Andrew Lewis Mccammon

  • Hey everybody this is The Chris Brodhead Show and I am your host Chris Brodhead. I had a freaking blast interviewing a good friend of mine Andrew Lewis McCammon before his group “Damn, Gina” performed their “House Party” Show at The Improv Olympic in Chicago. I’m so excited to share this with you. As a seasoned, well connected, and incredibly active and hard working up and coming writer/director/performer/producer in Chicago’s world class comedy and acting scene, Andrew has a ton of super high value tips, tricks and info to share with anyone interested in making comedy, performing, acting, writing, directing, or any artistic endeavor. You can find more about Andrew at https://www.facebook.com/damngina and DamnGinacomedy.com. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed conducting the interview. Enjoy!
  • Andrew lewis Mccammon; regular performer at Second City, Improv Olympic, Thirsty, and so much more talks about his writing/performing/rehearsal/marketing processes, how he got involved in comedy and developed his voice, presence, and how they regularly sell out their show week in and week out
  • How he got connected with his cast
  • How he developed from a  writer to an actor

17:05 The difference between writing and acting

17:25 His post show analysis technique to ensure maximum hilarity

17:38 The specific best feeling in life he experiences on stage

18:28 Gun to his head what does he consider himself

19:00 The world class comedy culture of Chicago

20:10 Why Chicago actors are the best

21:00 What the future holds for Andrew

21:40 How to make a career in comedy

23:00 Directing class at Second City

24:15 How to direct a Second city main stage worthy show

26:25 The next step for Andrew’s career

27:00 Andrew’s major influences

27:45 The importance of attention span

30:00 The books and influences that have most improved his writing

32:00 The first book he ever read for fun that influenced his writing significantly

34:00 The dark reasons why people get into comedy

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