Number 27 “Tommy Boy” (#ChrisTop30Films)

Tommy Boy! Where to begin.  This was probably my most favorite movie from like age ten to when he died two years later.

I remember reading about how all of his SNL cast members we’re worried about his hard partying ways.  I told my mom how funny I thought Chris Farley was and how worried I was that he might die.  She said I should write him a letter and tell him.  I thought that was a great idea. And planned on doing just that but video games and slight attention deficit disorder got in the way so I never did.

So maybe it’s about time I wrote that letter:

“To Chris,

From your biggest fan who is also named Chris.

I love your movie “Tommy Boy”!  I’ve watched it like at least twenty times.  Every time I find something new or just laugh at the same jokes and scenes I’ve always laughed at.  One time I watched it with my dad and he laughed so hard he kicked the popcorn up into the air and it went everywhere.  He didn’t even stop laughing to pick it up.  He just kept laughing and stomping his feet.

I’ve tried pausing the scene where that hot girl skinny dips in the pool and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it paused on her naked body but the shadow is really dark so it’s hard to tell if she’s really naked.  But it’s still awesome.

That song “Fat Guy In A Little Coat” is maybe my favorite song ever.  I sing it all the time!

You are my favorite actor and I’m worried about you.  I hear that some other SNL members say you are a very hard partier and don’t care about your health.  Well I’m here to say that I really care about your health.  Your comedy makes me so happy and forget all my problems.  I would be very sad if anything ever happened to you.  I hope you know how happy you make me everyday when I see “Tommy Boy” or any of your hilarious SNL characters.

I love you on SNL when you fall on things or yell.  Or when you we’re the lunch lady. That absolutely killed me.  I don’t know most of the famous people you get really excited about interviewing but it makes me laugh all the same.

And when you we’re the fat girl at the mall who was on the diet and then you ate the fries and said “Lay off me I’m starving!”  That was one of the hardest I’ve ever laughed.

Or when you we’re playing the wrestler “El Nino” and someone asked what that translated to and you said “It stands for… THE Nino” oh my gosh I’ve never laughed so hard.

I even like your other movies “Black Sheep” and “Beverly Hills Ninja”.  They are really funny movies and I’m even looking forward to seeing “Almost Heroes”.

My favorite scene from “Black Sheep” is when David Spade mocks you for saying “I got top bunk!” and then your bed breaks and falls on his bed.  You guys are such a good team.

Well anyway I hope you understand how much your comedy and performances mean to me.  They bring me so much joy and happiness.  My friends and I quote you all the time.

I hope I’ll be able to watch you for years to come.  Please stay safe.  I love you.

Love, Chris”

Yeah so it would have gone something like that.

But I never wrote or sent it.

I remember when they announced he had died.  He was the same age as his hero John Belushi.  I was twelve and I was on a ski trip with my family in Colorado.  I remember hearing it and I was just numb.  I almost wasn’t even surprised.  I had still been planning to write that letter and now I knew that I never could.

That was a hard day.

I’m sure nothing would have come from my letter but at least I would have tried to save someone I loved.  To save some beauty. That is a very hard reality to accept.

I wish I would have…

But on to the movie haha this is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time.  It is so damn funny!  It had Chris Farley at the absolute top of his game.  He was just coming off an amazing couple of seasons on SNL playing the funniest most energetic and memorable characters I had ever seen.

At ten years old I could not have imagined a funnier movie to watch.  I must have watched it fifty times.  Often back to back with my friends.  I could quote every line.

I didn’t realize it at the time but it may be one of the many reasons I moved to Chicago. And then once I got here I realized he actually went and performed on the main stage of improv Olympic and Second City.

One of my improv teachers at The Annoyance actually said “Chris Farley was hilarious because no matter what he was doing he always committed 100%”.  I try to think about that whenever I am improvising.  And though I don’t think I or 99% of people will ever match his intensity and hilarity I do hope that the next ten year old who is inspired beyond words and beyond pain by a performer will let him know.  And maybe that will help to keep some of the beauty in this world for longer than a couple seasons and a couple of movies.

And if you think that trip down tear soaked memory lane was fun wait till you hear THE LIVE READING of my film noir screenplay “Mum Knows Best” at The Annoyance Theater 851 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL on Sunday Aug 9, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 7 PM.

It will be almost as fun as watching Chris Farley perform “Fat Guy In A Little Coat”!


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