Number 6: “Fight Club”

In eighth grade I witnessed this masterpiece of social commentary on the current state of masculinity in our society. “Fight Club” immediately became my favorite movie of all time.  It wouldn’t be until Freshman year of college, six years later, that it would be dethroned.

To say it left a lasting impact on me would be so massive an understatement it could cause your personality to fray thereby creating an alter ego who then took over the world.

I love this movie.  It’s masterfully directed by David Fincher and based on the masterfully written book by Chuck Palahniuk.  To this day I cannot comprehend how a film like this was ever even considered to be made.  It’s basically a propaganda film on how to stop being such a pussy while also taking over the world with your fascist regime.  But I digress.

“Fight Club” gives the world one of the coolest and most interesting characters ever set upon the silver screen.  Tyler Durden.  This dude is the bees knees.  And SPOILER ALERT it all comes full circle when we realize he’s not even real.  I remember seeing this during a peak of my awkwardness and legitimately wishing I could create an alter ego of his charm, wit, appeal, style, and boldness.  But alas all my trying proved for naught.  But I did get a lot less awkward through my studies of interpersonal relationships (Read: “How to win friends and influence people” best book ever).

So this movie is beautiful.  The colors are all faded and you can’t see anyone’s eyes really.

The topics that this film touches on are both extremely important and highly relevant to anyone alive today in these United States.  I was moved to doubt the feasibility of living a fulfilling life in corporate cubicle America.  I was in eighth grade and could barely remember to put the dishes away and I was already like “well that corporate cubicle path is out.”  And it was.  I only got a job at a corporate America ish place to prove “Fight Club” correct.  I knew from the get go that was not going to work for me.

Then the film touches on materialism and consumerism.  “The shit you own ends up owning you.”  This blew me away.  I had always held the decree “he who has the most shit wins”.  Now that entire concept was turned upside down and I was quite lost.  I realized the truth to this and saw only slavery to the “crap you own which you don’t even need.”

Lastly it was understanding your own mortality and using that thought to further enjoy and improve your day to day existence.  This one I am still working on.  I don’t think I fully comprehend that I will in fact die someday.  Their method of flooring a stolen car into a bunch of parked cars seems a bit extreme method to comprehend this concept.  So I’ll continue trying to simply be mindful and keep searching for more “near life experience”s.

I can’t thank this film enough for altering my life path in such an incredibly powerful way.  It not only shaved years off of my life learning curve but helped me to realize the incredibly persuasive and enlightening power of movies.  They are entertaining as can be but within some truly special movies lies a deeply important and life improving message.

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