Number 29: “Road Trip”/”Old School” #ChrisTop30Films

Ok I know, I know this is technically two movies but hear me out.  These movies have the same director, some of the same actors (Sean William Scott, Todd Phillips, and Matt Walsh!), the same writer, and they are both deeply embedded in the pantheon of great college movies.

Oh and I have been deeply influenced both comedically and life directionally by these two fantastically hilarious films.

Without these two unbelievably hilarious films I might never have gone to a state school, drank as much, or developed such an “open minded” sense of humor.  So yeah these we’re kind of important movies to me.

I saw “Road Trip” when I was a freshmen in high school and “Old School” when I was a junior and man oh man did they get me excited for college.  I had one thought in my mind and it was “dude don’t fuck this school thing up because no matter how much high school sucks you’ll still have four plus years of totally awesome college.  And if it’s one tenth as fun as Road Trip and Old School than OH SHIT are you going to have an amazing time!”

And as luck would have it I did not fuck that school thing up. Even though I was not the biggest fan of high school I still did what I had to do to get really good grades and a sweet scholarship to the school that most resembled the college experience in these two movies.

“Road Trip” and “Old School” showed me a world of endless possibilities, great friends, and the prettiest/friendliest ladies I had ever seen on the silver screen.  I wanted this experience more than anything I had ever wanted (and I got an N64 for Christmas as an eleven year old!).

This was a difficult concept to take in while still of high school age.  You see I was not the greatest with the opposite sex from ages let’s say 0 to 18.  I was pretty funny and could get some solid laughs but once the laughs stopped I was like “uhhh so… Do you like stuff? No? Ok… Gotta go! Bye!”  So that didn’t help to satisfy the urges.

But these two movies showed me relatively normal dudes who, like me, came out of their shells in college, learned a thing or two, and had the time of their lives.

From “Road Trip” I learned to always be up for adventure, be yourself, and the best times you can have are with your best friends doing something relatively stupid.  Also that you shouldn’t have a long distance relationship while in college.  Since I had no prospects coming out of high school this would not be an issue.

From “Old School” I learned that college is apparently the best time of your life and you should enjoy every moment to the absolute fullest.  Which I did my absolute best at.  If there was an attractive woman in the cafeteria, class, hall, sidewalk, video store, restaurant, Best Buy, football game, bar, neighbor, pool, driving, school clinic, friend’s house, etc I never hesitated for even a second to go up and commence conversation.  Even though I was still wicked anxious I figured, like these movies clearly displayed, there we’re plenty more where those came from.  I got rejected A LOT.  But I also figured out that I was a pretty good conversationalist and I was FUCKING FEARLESS!  None of my buddies would DARE go up to some unsuspecting girl and commence conversation.  So for a brief moment I was kind of the man.

Sure most of them didn’t pan out and I eventually succumbed to a girl friend during the second semester of college (big mistake!), this first semester of college was so heavily influenced by these amazing movies I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time for Bed Bath and Beyond in the morning!

Ok back to the review. Since this is technically a review I’ll give you my top ten favorite scenes from these two movies:

10. “It’s so good when it hits your lips!” Frank – “Old School”

9.“Barry’s last name is Manilow… Barry’s name is Barry Manilow” – “Road Trip”

8.  “Please STOP!… OK keep going!” E.L. – “Road Trip”

Best college movie ever
Best college movie ever

7. “We’re streaking! Everybody’s doing it!” Frank – “Old School”

6.  “I was just calling to see if you’d be up for an entire meal of food.” Frank – “Old School”

5. “You know because it’s your dog!” – Kyle “Road Trip”

4. “But we will give nothing back to the community, and that is a promise.” Beanie – “Old School”

3. “Yeah I play golf on the weekends… but I hate golf!” Walsh – “Old School”

2.“Dear Mitch, if you’re holding this letter you already know. The house has been boarded up. The doors. The windows. Everything. We’re at the Comfort Inn. Room 112. I love you. Frank.”

1. (While performing the iron cross and smoking a cigarette) “Still holding! Still Holding!” – Beanie “Old School”

The influences from this movie weren’t all great.  One could make a pretty convincing case that these films with their slick portrayal of the college party life could have stunted my growth as an artist.  For years all I focused on was the bare minimum in class and the bold maximum in partying.

But alas perhaps that was instrumental in my deciding what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  Even with a pursuit as fun as “Drink the beer” and exciting as “Talk to as many women as you can” these inevitably come up hollow and you must search for something of more substance.  Which I eventually did ie My amazing girlfriend Sarah, digital marketing business, and pursuits as a filmmaker.

Anyway, SEE THESE MOVIES!  They have had a profound impact on my life, my story telling ability (plus the stories I experienced while being under the influence of these films), and my comedic timing. As well as keeping my mind fresh by quoting the shit out them whenever I have the chance.

“We’re at the Comfort Inn. Room 112. I love you.”


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