Number 23: “Lost In Translation”

I love “Lost In Translation”! And not just because Bill Murray is in it.  Though he will be making at least one other major appearance in this list #ChrisTop30Films

This movie appeared to me at just the right moment.  It was my first semester at the University of Central Florida.  I was a pending film major.  Pending because I hadn’t been accepted nor was I sure I wanted to be accepted (more on that to come).

I was super gung ho about becoming a filmmaker but also super insecure about my work and socializing in general.  I could walk up to any girl and strike up a convo but talking to another dude or person of similar interest was bizarrely terrifying to me.

Luckily I had already met some really cool people in my freshmen orientation.

The leader of the pack was Mr. Michael Dennis.  With his last name starting with a “D” and mine with a “B” we we’re delightfully placed right next to each other in our orientation class.

I being the first to speak to someone new, always (because it’s easier than sitting in awkward silence in my opinion).  I must have said “hey man what’s up” or something like that and then somehow or another one of us muttered a Simpsons quote and the other immediately finished it.  Sparks flew as rockets launched, ships went out to see, and the ticker tape parade began.  It was best friends at first Simpsons quote.  And we’ve been best friends ever since. Twelve plus glorious years.

It was Mr. Michael Dennis who inevitably invited me to see this masterpiece of simple yet extremely complicated emotionally driven relationship cinema.  We had to drive all the far theater in a super nice area of Winter Park.  I being the wannabe lady killer invited a girl and we met Michael there with another friend from film class.  Phil I believe.

I had already heard amazing things about this movie.  At this point I didn’t even realize what a Bill Murray fan I was.  It embarrassingly wouldn’t be until 2007’s “ZombieLand” that I finally realized what a MASSIVE Bill Murray fan I am.  The dude is a god damn living legend times savior.  Love him!

The movie starts and I am just drawn in to the atmosphere and the location.  Tokyo is unlike anyplace I have ever seen.  It’s dark, crowded, filled with flashing lights, and quite beautiful.  There is a young girl who is just flat out gorgeous.  Like classy pin up gorgeous multiplied by Marilyn Monroe (who would later become the world’s sexiest woman Scarlett Johansson; go figure).  And then Bill shows up and he’s brooding!  He’s not happy go lucky problem free Bill Murray.  He’s problem filled Bill Murray.  And he’s fantastic.

The movie goes on like this orbiting their beautiful non-age appropriate and growing relationship.  And it perfectly elicits the excitement and wonder of every relationship I’ve ever had while on a trip.  Every girl I ever had a crush on and wasn’t sure liked me back. The dizzying highs when you are around them, the terrifying lows at the thought of them leaving, the muddling middles where you’re not sure where this is going or where it should go.

They both need exactly what they get in this movie.

I like to think they never saw each other again and just enjoy the memories and wonderful experiences they had together.  Cause sometimes that’s enough.

Bill Murray is fantastic in this film.  He’s super funny and just real.  He’s a real person with real feelings and he’s fucking sensitive about shit.  I’m so glad he decided he could do roles like this.

Whenever I’m in need of a vacation or an exciting fling I put this film on and enjoy our memories.

And if you want to make some great new memories to enjoy come to the Staged Reading of my screenplay “Mum Knows Best” at The Annoyance Theater on Aug 9th at 5:30 pm.  Bill Murray is gonna be there! (Bill Murray will 99.9% NOT be there). Here’s the Event Brite as well! 

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