Number 14: “Interstellar”

This should really be Number 14: “Interstellar/Inception/Memento/The Prestige” because all of those movies are one: AMAZING! And two: share one major thing in common.  They were all directed by Christopher Nolan who is handily my favorite director of all time.

But I have to choose one and I personally feel “Interstellar” is his best work (and it’s the newest).  It’s just freaking awesome!  The practical special effects and the crazy big space travel ideas are enough to make even my sober mind explode.  Wormholes, supermassive black holes, the event horizon, time travel, gravity, and super intelligent aliens from the future.  Sold!

And then you star it with my main man Matthew McConaughey.  Come on now.  How am I not going to love this movie?

There is something about a Christopher Nolan movie that just connects, hits all the right buttons, and all the right feels.  It feels real and you can tell every cent of that massive budget was spent on things that go directly to blowing up my serotonin receptors.

I love this damn movie and I also love Inception, Memento and The Prestige.  These are great films.  I just want to be Christopher Nolan!  He started with nothing and made a movie called “The Following” over the course of a year and a half.  It’s a film noir that he made for an extremely low budget with some friends of his.

Then he did “Memento” which was really my first exposure to Christopher Nolan.  What an amazing cinematic experience that was.  A supremely well executed film noir played in backwards order and tied together by a man with short term memory loss.  I recall seeing this film and having my damn mind blown out the back of my head.  It was so well done and the backwards order added such a unique and terrifying angle.

It was around this time that I realized my love for Film Noir.  I’m not going to say the film I watched after this because it’s higher up on the list but this film was positively instrumental in my growth as a cinema lover.  I finally realized the world is not black or white but shades of grey.  And film noir perfectly represented that concept with their anti-hero’s and bad guys who you weren’t sure were completely bad or even deserved their gruesome endings.

Then to top it off he made “The Prestige” which is an unbelievably underrated film about two men obsessed with topping each other.  It’s essentially about magic but it’s really about what people will do in order to win.  It also has Tesla played by David Bowie.  A better casting choice has never been made.

“Inception” is an incredible film noir heist flick played across several layers of our unconscious sleeping mind.  It is an absolute masterpiece.  Everytime I watch it I think “Why haven’t I watched this lately”.  It’s so good!

But back to the title film at hand.  “Interstellar” was great!  It had my boy Matt McConaughey crushing it with the emotion and the leadership.  How he came from “How to lose a guy in ten days” to this is beyond me.  I remember when “Family Guy” did a bit on him saying how everything he has been in save “Dazed and Confused” has been terrible.  That was like 2007 that that clip came out and then BAM he was an untouchable God.  He did “Mud”, “Wolf of Wall St”, “Dallas Buyers Club”, “True Detective” (favorite show ever? Yes), and “Interstellar”.  That is one HELL of a run!  It’s so good I’m not sure any movie that he did before or after could tarnish him in anyway…

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