Number 12: “A Clockwork Orange”

Everytime I watch any Stanley Kubrick film “2001”, “Dr. Strangelove”, “The Shining”, even “Eyes Wide Shut” I’m left with this incredible feeling of euphoria and awe.  He is that rare filmmaker that can make a film so engrossing and perfect that you forget you’re watching a film at all.  I can’t say I’ve experienced this feeling with any other filmmaker.

Narrowing him down to just one favorite film is really really hard.  I’d like to just say his entire lexicon (including “A.I.” WHAT?!) but if you’re twisting my arm I would have to say “A Clockwork Orange”.  Because this movie is AWESOME!  And for lack of a better word perfect.  Every shot is a perfectly set up work of art.  Kubrick was a professional photographer before he became a film director and it’s VERY apparent in his shot compositions.  They are ultra symmetrical and convey a story within themselves.

I love the world of this film and the main character is one of my all time faves.  I like to imagine that he grew up into “The Joker” with his honest charm and love of ultra violence, murder, rape.  He’s certainly no role model or something to strive for but definitely an interesting character.

When I was fourteen I saw my first Kubrick film “Eyes wide shut”.  I told my mom how much I enjoyed it’s masterful subtleties.  I was then informed that another of Kubrick’s films “A Clockwork Orange” was my grandfather’s favorite movie.  I immediately had to see it in an attempt to understand this great man.  I was completely confused by it but could feel the brilliance and power of Kubrick’s vision.  I knew this was a special film I just didn’t know why.

He passed about a year later and I never really got to discuss it with him but I’ll always have this deep connection with the film.

There are so many deep and interesting questions this film brings up in my mind.  Like “what do you do with a person who enjoys violence, rape, and murder so much?”  Is it justifiable to administer the treatment?  Would that even solve the problem or just turn him into a zombie?

It really seems like Alex’s issues are more systemic than personal.  His father is too busy with work and his mother appears heavily medicated.  Perhaps better more supportive parents could reduce his blood lust and Joker like habits.

And if you are trying to reduce your Joker like habits than come on down to the Staged Reading of my Psychadelic Cyberpunk Film Noir screenplay “Mum Knows Best” on Sunday August 9th from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Annoyance Theatre & Bar ‪#‎Chicago‬ because the Joker is gonna be there (he will not be there)!

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