Why You Should Stop Saying How “Busy” You Are


Are you often asked “How are you?”  Likely the answer is yes and the equally likely continuation of that answer is “OMG so BUSY!”

Are we really that busy?  Are we so busy that we can’t even come up with a different (read: far more interesting) answer to this question?

I don’t think so.  I think we are each uniquely creative and interesting enough to STOP BORING THE SHIT out of our friends/family/neighbors/lovers by saying “busy”.

Everyone is busy.  I don’t care who you are or what you do.  You are busy.  Everyone knows it because they themselves are busy.  So why must we continually utter this useless zombie speak ad infinitum?

I don’t know why (fear, boredom, busy-ness?).  But I hope I can persuade you to respond differently in the future.

For about the last 6 months I been experimenting with this question by responding with an enthusiastic and depending on how “busy” I am (you see what I did there?) “Just Hustlin” response.  Most people seem to approve with a sporting “Awesome” head nod.  This effectively avoids the 10+ time per day downer response that is “So Busy.”


So what are some other responses?  You could give details about a new project you are working on, a trip you are planning, a promotion you are angling for, new member of the family on the way, or any other such amazing life occurrence that we generally don’t acknowledge until directly in our face or devastatingly gone from our life.

In a way speaking in more interesting specifics is a meditation and gratification exercise on what is currently good in our lives and would be to our benefit to focus on and be thankful for.  Consider the avoidance of “busy” speak, your daily giving thanks affirmation.

Let’s say you “claim” to be too “busy” to even have any of these wondrous topics to speak on.  Well this seems to indicate that you have bigger problems than boring your daily encounter-ees.  It probably means it would be beneficial for you to re-examine some of the paths you’ve gone down and decide if this is truly the correct direction for you.

If you can’t think of one thing you are excited about or looking forward to than you should definitely find or create something that falls into this category.

Discontinuing the use of “busy” could potentially alter the course of your life so you can finally do that thing you’ve been saying you would do since forever ie Climb Mount Everest, Kiss a girl, wrestle an alligator, watch Citizen Kane, go to a music festival (Bonnaroo), build a boat, get a six pack of abs, paint a self portrait, create the next Facebook, stand up to those neighbor kids, be as cool as your dog thinks you are, etc.

I believe that using alternatives to “Busy” can help (read: force) us to lead far more interesting and satisfying lives while sparing our friends/family/lovers the soul crushing embrace of the monotony and extreme lack of creativity that comes with telling people you are, and I quote, “busy”.

So get out there and get “Busy”!

To thank you for your readership I have included a picture of myself getting “Busy!”


Chris getting "Busy"
Chris getting “Busy”

Alternative Blog Post Title:   “How to enrich your life through more creative and exciting answers to “How are you?””


  1. Justin Treptowsays:

    Replace “Busy” with Good or Fine. Can’t stand generic replies, even worse are generic questions a la: “How are you?”

  2. cheri stevenssays:

    Wow….super impressed!

  3. I was so busy I only had time to write this response, but if I was a little more creative, I’d say “valar Morghulis” and stare deeply into the eyes of anyone who dares to tell me “they are soooo busy”. When a person hears the ancient bravoosi for “all men must die” hopefully they will drop the shennagans right there, or crap their respective pants. Well writ.

  4. Great posts Chris! keep going…

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