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David D’Angelo (@DavidDAngelo2) is a serial entrepreneur with a heavy focus on charity. He is a proponent of starting with a cause and then founding the company. In July 2014 he founded Somu Energy which develops entrepreneur networks that rent batteries and LED lights to provide light and connectivity to bottom of the pyramid villagers in rural Nepal.

Shortly after arriving in Nepal in March 2015 his village in Pokhara was struck by the strongest earthquake to hit Nepal since 1934. It was a magnitude 7.9 quake that killed 8,000 people, injured 21,000, and left thousands more homeless. After this tragic earthquake, devastating aftershocks, and the supply crisis that followed, David and his team refocused on relief and reconstruction efforts.

David had many opportunities to return home after the earthquake but chose to stay with his team and do everything they could to help the situation and the people affected. They coordinated rebuilding efforts and deployed shelter and energy solutions to people affected by the crisis. He returned home in March 2016.

Today he continues his cause focused entrepreneurial pursuits from his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. During this interview he shares some amazingly valuable insights and tips on how to cultivate a world class network and strengthen each individual relationship.

After speaking with David I completely redrew my weekly schedule to fit in more group exercise activities, one on one lunches, volunteering opportunities, and refocused on scheduling more relationship strengthening events.

This was a super fun interview that I think anyone interested in improving their professional and personal network will benefit greatly.

Remember “Your network is your networth”.

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