How Chris Festa started the biggest Pub Crawl in Chicago

How Chris Festa Started The Biggest Pub Crawl In Chicago (TBOX with over 20,000 attendees per event) – Interview With Chris Festa

This was a super fun interview with someone I’ve been a big fan of since I moved to Chicago in 2011. I previously met the founder of TBOX, Chris Festa, at a networking event where he was the headlining speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed his self deprecating honesty as well as the many valuable entrepreneurial lessons he shared. I knew I had to hear more. And as luck would have it he agreed to be on the podcast.

Chris Festa talks about earning his economics degree from Stanford, the Bartman effect on his Cubs t-shirt business, and finally how his TBOX bar crawl regularly attracts over twenty thousand people per event.

If you are interested in how quitting your job and following your bliss can create an incredibly successful and well known business, this is the episode for you. Enjoy!

0:45 Background on Chris Festa
1:15 How the t-shirt business has helped TBOX
1:30 What Chris F has learned from running TBOX
4:00 Instead of focusing on growth why Chris F just wants to make TBOX the best bar crawl it can possibly be
4:15 $250,000 donated to local charities
5:30 Why Wrigleyville is the best location for TBOX
7:00 The importance of themes when marketing
8:30 How Chris F became an entrepreneur
10:00 Why Chris F knew Chicago was the right spot for him and for TBOX
11:30 How being unemployed allowed the soul searching for Chris F to follow his heart
12:15 Started with a t-shirt company
13:15 How the Cubs influenced his t-shirt designs
15:00 How Chris F transitioned from t-shirts to TBOX full time
17:30 How following your bliss is the secret sauce to TBOX’s success
19:30 Why age is irrelevant at TBOX
21:00 Similarities between Chris B and Chris F’s entrepreneurial journey
24:30 How Chris F deals with his work schedule
25:00 Why Chris F spends most of his time focused on the creative aspects of TBOX
29:00 The importance of understanding basic accounting and html
30:00 Using creativity in other aspects of your business
30:30 Why Chris F doesn’t have any year round full time employees
33:30 Why Chris F got away from inventory based businesses
36:00 How Chris F comes up with his viral marketing ideas
36:45 How to attract sponsors
38:00 Why Chris F chose the ticket sales revenue model
39:30 How to work with the government, community, and neighborhood relations
42:30 Why Chris F is the face of the event and heavily involved in the day of TBOX
43:30 Saturday Dec 10th is 2016’s TBOX date
45:00 Why Chris F has stuck to his ticket driving revenue model over the years
47:30 How TBOX became a cultural phenomenon
49:00 The importance of charity
50:00 Keeping the integrity of the event
53:30 How the marketing of TBOX has changed over the years
55:00 How to coordinate with busy bars
56:00 Why Chris F focuses most on creative advertising instead of strictly paid advertising
58:00 How Chris F got to mention TBOX frequently
60:00 The importance of Email, social, and in person networking
1:01:00 Why TBOX is a good deal
1:02:00 If the Cubs win the World Series could the party still be going thru TBOX?
1:05:00 Struggles with other planned bar crawls besides TBOX
1:07:00 Chris F’s book recommendations:
“Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand
“The Brand Called You”
“Love is the killer App”
“Winning through intimidation” rewritten as “To be or not to be intimidated” Robert Ringer
“Action: nothing happens until something moves”
“War of art”
“Differentiate or die” by Jack Trout
“Influence” by Robert Chialdini
1:17:30 What is Chris F working towards
Festa means “party” in Italian

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