How To Get 2.5 Million Video Views On Facebook – Interview With Chad Lebaron

“How To Get 2.5 Million Video Views On Facebook – Interview With Chad Lebaron’

The Chris Brodhead Show is all about finding the key characteristics, best practices, and deep insights from every brilliant artist I can convince to come on the show.

I recently had the rare fortune to chat with an amazingly talented performer, director, writer, videographer, and producer out of Los Angeles named Chad Lebaron aka Cherdley’s.

You may recognize him from the multitude of hilarious characters across Youtube and Facebook or his crazy viral video “Dad tries to find his son at Coachella” that earned 2.5 million views on Facebook.

This conversation was amazing and I myself plan to listen through it at least a few more times to squeeze out all the nuggets of insight.

If you are an actor, filmmaker, producer, or even marketer I think you will really enjoy this episode.

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Show Notes

00:01 Meet Chad Lebaron

1:44 Spotify “Laurel Canyon Animal Company” Creepy guy singing about dogs

3:30 Chad’s background and how he got started

6:15 How Chad figures out what’s funny

7:10 The issue with Prank videos and his Simple Misfits youtube channel with 400,000 subscribers

11:00 Almost getting pepper sprayed and stabbed while doing pranks

12:00 Why Chad considers himself an actor first and writer second. Why he also makes everything as easy as possible to film.

13:20 How Chad comes up with and perfects his characters

15:15 How to get past all the excuses and start making stuff

15:45 How Chad found his voice

16:30 How Chad rates the success of his videos regardless of views

18:00 How Chad got his “Coachella Dad” video to 2.4 million views on Facebook

21:30 “Whoever gets off the most is the funniest”

23:00 By making yourself laugh you make the funniest material

25:00 How to get a larger audience exposed to your material; HINT ease them into your material with more normal stuff and then release the weirder stuff.

26:45 Why Chad finds the Coachella Dad so funny.

28:00 Why Coachella Dad connected so well

29:30 The marketing Chad does for his videos

30:30 Which platform Chad will focus on more; Youtube or Facebook?

31:45 How to make money with Youtube

35:30 Chad’s TV goals post Youtuber

36:30 Just crank out videos so people can see what you are capable of

37:30 Thoughts on needing an agent

38:30 How to leverage your successful videos to entice a good agent to represent you

40:00 How to write around the stuff you already have; you don’t need all the equipment

41:30 The best thing you can hear is criticism

42:20 How Chad deals with criticism

46:00 Chad’s writing process and how improv fits into the process

48:30 Why Chad sometimes films stuff twice

49:30 The importance of criticism

52:20 How Chad works with his team

54:00 How his upbringing affected his work

56:40 Where do his ideas come from

58:40 How to make a great character

1:03:00 How writing and performing can be great therapy

1:05:00 Brandon Rodgers a new youtube he follows

1:06:00 Why Louis C.K. is Chris’s new ultimate idol

1:07:00 The importance of relatability when making comedy

1:09:00 The importance of living in Los Angeles; Brian Imanuel youtuber alternate name is Rich Chiga

1:10:00 Why creating videos is so scary

1:13:30 How to live in LA on the cheap; Echo park for $400/month!

1:15:30 The importance of the equipment that Chad uses; Why audio is the most important part; Audio Technica 880W and the Sennheiser Lavaliers

1:19:30 Chad’s biggest influences

1:25:00 Search Cherdley’s on Facebook and Youtube; Simple Misfits


Well that’s it for this episode of The Chris Brodhead show. Please subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode. If you have any questions or comments please check out for all the show notes. I can be reached at @ChrisBrodhead and that’s Brodhead on Both Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
Now get out there and make some art!

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