About Me

Chris has an MBA from the University of Central Florida and before co-founding Suit Social worked as a budget analyst for NASA. He is from Clearwater, Florida and has lived in Chicago since 2011. The summer is by far his favorite time as he tends to suffer terribly in the cold. He loves to travel and meet new people. His favorite movies are Blade Runner, The Life Aquatic, and The Dark Knight. His favorite bands are Daft Punk and The Strokes. He is obsessed with efficiency, getting things done, growing his business, personal development, filmmaking, writing screenplays/short stories/science fiction, reading way too much, exercising to the point of endorphin overload, having not a single thought through yoga/meditation, and getting filthy at music festivals like Bonnaroo.  If you can’t tell he is also quite excitable.  This blog will be about things that excite and inspire Chris.