Number 25: “Good Will Hunting” #ChrisTop30Films

Good Will Hunting is a great film.  It’s one of those movies that just connects so well and so hard it burns itself into your psyche.

It’s got Matt Damon and Ben Affleck when they were super young and super skinny. Sure we’d seen them in a few things before but they were definitely still fresh faced and fuzzy tailed.

To round it out we had Robin Williams and Minnie Driver.  Two much more recognizable faces at that time.  I hadn’t seen “Dead Poets Society” at this point so my main source of Robin Williams brilliance was Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. Two of my favorite films growing up #Obvs.  But this movie was different.  This was a different, deeper, raw, filled with pain, real side of Robin Williams I didn’t even know existed.  He had always been the funny happy go lucky distraction from all of life’s problems.  But not here.  Oh no, not in this movie.  He was the revealer of that which is too scary to see, think about, or even consider hinting at.

I have seen this movie maybe ten times and I’ve NEVER made it through the “It’s not your fault scene” without balling like a little school girl whose dad just came home from war.

And the fact that Matt and Ben wrote this together as two struggling actors in LA is so inspiring it makes me sick with jealousy.  They couldn’t get the roles they wanted or the recognition they craved so they just made something up that fit their styles, personalities, and goals perfectly and then went to town trying to get it made.  This strategy or philosophy has  always made the most sense to me.

Why would I wait around for someone to find me when I could hone my storytelling and acting craft and make something great myself?  I don’t understand people who say “I’m just waiting for the right role.” Or even worse “I just can’t find the right role.”  Fucking make the right role homie!

I’m not saying this is an easy feat at all! But it sure as shit beats sitting around waiting for someone to realize how great you are.

One thing I’ve realized about most of the artists who have made it is they had to slog through nine hundred miles of shit before they got to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Then once they got there the journey wasn’t over.  It had just begun.  With hundreds or even thousand more miles of crap.

But that’s the point isn’t it?  We don’t play music just to get to the end.  We play music or sing a song or act out a scene to enjoy the journey through it.  If we played just to get to the end the person who played the fastest would be the best.  And that is definitely not true.

Anyway I am a big fan of this film.  It is super inspirational and just downright a good ass movie where the realistic characters go through real pain and grow as real people.

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